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How Do You Change A Catalytic Converter 3

Question: How Do You Change A Catalytic Converter, I have a 2003 Mazda Protege5 2.0 with a bad converter. I was it has two converters and the failing one is the manifold converter. It exceeds the federal emissions warranty because of the mileage 110,000. Dealership said it will cost

Could Something In An Oil Change Mess Up A Catalytic Converter 5

Question: Could Something In An Oil Change Mess Up A Catalytic Converter, I just my oil changed not a week or so ago, and it seems like everytime I make the car work harder (mainly going up hills) it gets that stinky egg smell from the catalytic converter (or

Is There A Way To Change The Lcd Display Color Of A Car Stereo 2

Its a kenwood dpx310. the color of the display is white, but i wanna change it to green

How Do I Change A Headlight On A 2005 Honda Civic 2

How do i change a headlight on a 2005 honda civic?

How Do You Change The Headlight Lamp In A 2003 Honda Civic 1

How do you change the headlight lamp in a 2003 Honda Civic?

I Can’t Figure Out How To Change My Headlight Honda Civic EX 2005 2

The bulb I bought has 2 prongs and everything looks completely different than the old bulb. But I looked it up and supposedly it’s the right bulb (9006). The inside of the car looks nothing like the manual says when I look at how to change the bulb. Anyone