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97 Honda Civic Leaking Water And Coolant But Not Overheating. What’s Wrong PLEASE HELP 8

I have a 97 Honda Civic that I bought used in May, since the second day I’ve had this car, I’ve had problems. I had to replace the transmission, the timing belt, the crankshaft front seal, the camshaft seal, the valve cover gasket set, water pump, timing belt idler,

1965 383 Plymouth Backfiring..any Help 3

My 65 Sport Fury still has the original 383 Comando V8 factory 2 bbl motor in it. It spun a rod bearing in 1973 and I still have the 1973 Arizona license plates that came on it. I rebuilt the engine. That was the easy part. The hard part

How Much To Fix Timing Belt 3

Recently my car has been making a clunking kind of sound in relation to the RPMs. I drive an Nissan Sentra SE-R, so the engine is actually an Altima’s (QR25DE) and i’ve had two mechanics take a brief look at my car. One told me it was the top

What Would Be The Best Camshaft To Use On My 305 4

I’m currently not sure on what camshaft I should use for my 305 engine that is in my 1984 Chevy Camaro Z28. I currently have a some mods on the engine ( edelbrock performer Air gap intake, Edelbrock 650 Cfm carburetor, Flow-tech shortly headers) I have a stock torque

How Many Mpg Does My 350 Get 5

Its an 85 Chevy Rebuilt 350 bored over .40 with less than 10K miles * Rebuilt TH350 Transmission with less than 10K miles * Rebuilt/replaned heads * Performance camshaft, Edelbrock performer aluminum intake, headers, dual exhaust * Performance/custom-jetted 4 bbl carburetor

What Else Can I Do To A 406 Sbc To Get More HP 2

Have an 84 Chevy K20 LWB with a 4′ lift and 35′ tires. I want a little bit of both worlds with HP and Torque. Got the truck with the engine freshly rebuilt already and just wanted some advice and ideas to get it going a little better. Specs