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My 1996 MAXIMA Air Conditioner Is HOT 3

Question: My 1996 MAXIMA Air Conditioner Is HOT, extra freon, labored 3 days, took it to the seller, they said compressor, leaks, and many others, are o.k. any individual out there who has this car (’96 Nissan Maxima) ever experienced this dilemma? if so howd you heal the prob

Will I Make The Trip With This Car 3

I have a 1995 Honda Civic DX 2 door coupe. It is a MANUAL/STICK transmission, with 1.5L 4 cylinder engine with 70 hp. I plan on driving from Sacramento to Los Angeles it is roughly a 400 mile trip. My only concern is that towards the outskirts of Los

Why Is My Car’s A/c Is Suddenly Blowing Cool Not Cold Air And Making Noise 7

This past Saturday, I was driving my car and when I turned on the ac, it took a lot longer than usual to get cold. Even then, it was not as cold as it normally gets. I had not driven the car the past couple days, but my husband

1999 Dodge Durago Caliper 3

Hi All, I had the manifold intake redone on the right side of my 1999 dodge durango. I started hearing a rubbing noise on that side when the brakes are pressed. After about a month I thought that something was stuck in the breaking system like a twig or

Honda Civic Brakes Froze Up Overheated And Burnt Out. There Was An Actual Flame In On Of The Tires. 3

Everything needed replacement. The pads were actually replaced a month ago. The mechanics could not find what could have caused it. The Honda expert said it was most likely the proportioning valve but it was checked and showed no issues. The only thing that happened before that : the

Whose Is Really At Fault 4

I was in a 3 car accident over the weekend and there is some confusion over who is at fault. There are really 6 cars involved in the incident. A mail truck which is 4 cars ahead of me stopped suddenly and pulled over. The 2 cars behind it