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Help Me To Up My Performance 3

Nope. It’s not the bedroom, the performance is all good there. 2009 Mazda Six. I would like to know what are the best basic (“starter”) enhancements worth acquiring for better performance? I am not much of a road junkie, yet. But, it would be nice to start making the

Should I File A Report With The Better Business Bureau With Pep Boys 9

So I recently (in the past few weeks) had my back brakes replaced at pep boys. When I was there they mentioned a leaking wheel cylinder. So just today I took it back to get the wheel cylinder replaced and I was told it would be $80 labor for

I’m Trying To Find Out How Much I Should Sell My 2001 Toyota Tundra For 4

It is in fair condition (dings on the bumper with a 2 minor body dings) no rust, fair condition paint job, has a bed liner, 4WD, V8, power seats, windows, steering and locks. 140,000 miles, just got new tires on it those alone cost me $1000, just got new

Im Wanting To Get My Car Fixed Up, Anyone Know An Estimate 3

I have a 96 Dodge Intrepid. I need to get the front brake pads repaired. && im wanting to get a paint job done on it, just black all over, also i need to get my left brake light fixed, not sure if its the bulb or a short

How Difficult Replacing Rear Brake Pads BMW Z3 4

I have never replaced brake pads on a car, much less a BMW Z3. So to avoid high labor costs at a BMW dealer or independent shop, do you recommend a novice take it on? What tools are necessary for the job? So, do it myself or fork out

Help And Opinion On Brake Job BMW 2004 325i 3

I have 2004 – 325i and the dashborad shows brake indicator light on. I did some research and found that the brakes require replacement. I intent to buy the brake kit myself and have it replaced by a local mechanic or repair shop here in Southern Connecticut. I did