Brake Lights Archive

Major Electrical Problem Or Simple Fuse Issue 4

I just went outside to start up my Honda Civic and every light was out in the car except my headlights and brake lights. Its too dark to pull fuses, but I was wondering if this sounds like something major or a simple fix.

My Gearshift Won’t Move And My Brake Lights Don’t Work. 1995 Honda Civic EX 2

I have to put my key in the little keyhole next to the gearshift to get it to reverse. My brake lights don’t come on but my headlights do. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks for any help.

I Have No Brake Lights On My 2003 Silverado, All Lights Work Other Than The Brakes. The Third Brake Light Work 3

Brake switch replaced. hazards work(same bulb socket as brake lights) Have power to panel where all connetors in back meet ,then nothing. A ll other lights going through this “plug panel” work just fine. any suggestions? thanks

2004 Nissan Maxima ABS, SLIP, VDC OFF And BRAKE Lights Are On. 3

I bought this car about a year ago 2004 Maxima SL. It only has 34000 Miles on it, About a month ago it started showing all of this lights, it use to happen only once in a while but now its everytime. The ABS, SLIP, VDC OFF and BRAKE

When You Have Your Brake Pads And Rotors Changed Do They Disconnect The Brake Light 4

My tail lights are working but my brake lights are not after having my brakes changed

Brake Lamp Problem 4

Hi! My dad has a 96 Accord, and today while he was driving the “Brake Lamp Monitor Light” on the gauge lights up. Right now, only the left brake lights turn on when brake was pressed, but not the right one. I checked the light bulbs, and fuse, both