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What Could Be Wrong I’ve Replaced The Alternator & Battery But.. 4

I have a 2004 Honda Civic, whenever I would be stopped at a stop light or something my engine would kind of get louder like it was working harder and then fade back down to normal and my headlights would dim down then go back to regular so I

Whats Wrong With Your Car When It Stops While Your Driving And The Battery Wont Keep A Charge. 15

And its not the battery cause i got it tested?

I Have A 2008 Ford Escape That Won’t Start & I Don’t Believe It’s The Battery. Any Help 4

Vehicle is equipped with securilock anti-theft system on ignition key. Buttons on key work except for the alarm button.

Do I Have Diconnect The Car Battery To See If My Car Cd Player Has A Cd Changer Aux So I Can Hook Up Ipod 1

2001 jimmy factory cd player

How Do I Disconnect The Motors That Make The Headlights Go Up & Down On A ’92 Ford Probe 2

One of them is stuck and I think the motor is constantly trying to close it which is draining my battery. I want to just disconnect the motor & leave the lights up permanently.

My Car Battery Cells Were Empty , I Filled It Up Nearly To The Top With Cooled Down Boiled Water And Put It On 6

A charger for 18 hours Will this work