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What Kind Of Alternator Do I Need For My Sytem 7

I have a 1988 honda accord 4dr dx. i went to autozone today because battery light was on in car. it has been on for three days whenever i drove. i bought a new battery to only find out my alternator has gone bad. the guy gave it like

My AC Compressor On My 1998 Ford Taurus Is Making A Very Loud Noise… 3

It sounds like metal on metal, very loud. I was told it was my A/C Compressor by a mechanic at a local auto shop… Wanted to know if this was a serious issue, and how much estimated would it cost to bypass?

What Could Cause My 2002 Ford Mustang To Sputter And Miss When I Accelerate Ther Gas 4

Took it to the local Tire and Auto shop 3 weeks ago to get a tune up on it, i thought maybe a clogged fuel filter was causing it sputter, they said 2 of the spark plugs were broken, and they changed oil and cleaned my air filter. they

Whats Wrong With My Headlights 4

I have a manual cx honda civic 97. My headlights are mest up and I just wanted to know what could be the problem if anyone knows! Well this is confusing … the light is brighter than the other and it looks like my right highbeam is on and

My Car Has A Vibration While Stopped In Drive Or Reverse 3

This doesn’t happen while the car is in neutral, park, or while slowly coming to a stop so I don’t think it is the rotor (and I have had that problem before). I recently got my motor mounts replaced and the auto shop told me it was because the

How Much Would It Cost To Change Transmission Fluid, Motor Oil, A Battery, And Front Brake Pads And Rotors 3

Hi, My car is 01 Hyundai Sonata. I recently had a car check up and the precision tune auto shop recommended me to get new ceramic brake pads and rotors and change the transmission oil, motor oil, brake fluid and the battery. For those works, how much SHOULD it