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Why Doesn’t My Stereo Power Up 2

Question: Why Doesn’t My Stereo Power Up, So i have a new Alpine CDE-123 head device and i have hooked up the battery and floor wire. It is linked to an impartial 12v Duralast battery whose detrimental is grounded to my engine compartment and whose constructive is sent straight

Best Car Stereo For Bass 3

Question: Best Car Stereo For Bass, I need to have a head unit that will create the most bass in my speakers it would be connected to 4 kicker ks650 speakers. I was searching at alpines but any other brand names and versions are appreciated. My only needs are

Car Sound System Cost 3

Question: Car Sound System Cost, how significantly wud it price for a excellent audio system? i dont need top of the line, just anything descent. i have a 91 t-fowl with inventory radio and spekers, i need details im 16 and know minor about auto stereos. thanks alot Best

Grounding A Infinity Amp 2

Question: Grounding A Infinity Amp, I have an sony head unit to an infinity amp jogging four alpine sort r’s. Everything seems wonderful except for a minor sound, which i believe is comming sort the floor. i have tried 10+ Ground areas, scraped the paint off etc. None of

Good Sounding Stereo System For A Car 2

Question: Good Sounding Stereo System For A Car, im seeking a stereo that has alot of thump and bass then at the exact same time i want to be capable to listed here the vocals. i would like to have it to have been i dont have to stress

What Are Good Car Speakers 3

Question: What Are Good Car Speakers, Seeking to substitute the automobile speakers in my 1994 accord. Right now in the front I have 2 sony xplode three way speakers in the front and some three way 6×9 infinitys in the again. I have subs hooked up and have all