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Chevy Ignition Problem 3

I have a problem with my ignition system on my 350 chevy engine. I just put a brand new engine in to the car and now Im not getting any spark whatsoever. I have a Mallory dual point distributor, and a mallory promaster coil. I have the wiring as

Would A 750cfm 4 Barrel Edelbrock Carburetor Work With My 383 Stroker 6

its was a 350 chevy long block from a 1970 corvette but i got it stroked and i dropped in my 1970 gto so will the 4 barrel edelbrock carberator work with the 383 stroker its for mild perfermance nothing drag racing . its just a 750 cfm carberator.

What Wouldoes Anyone Know Where I Can Get A 1979 420 Engine For A Chevy Pick Up 3

Well ive tryed looking up a 420 crate motor but i can t find one and i have a 350 chevy pick up that im trying to get the engine rebuilt but i cant seem to find a bigger motor and i heard that my dad had a 420


My question is Im thinking about getting a 406 stroker 408-Stroker-New-Crate-Engine-NASCAR This is the one IM looking into. As of now I have a stock 305 with tbi, would I be better to just get a carb setup on this engine? Rather than TBI, I don’t care about gas