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1997 Ford 4.2L V6 Catalytic Converters. 2

Question: 1997 Ford 4.2L V6 Catalytic Converters., My 1997 Ford F-150 has been making a strange noise so I brought it to meineke. The person there told me that my catalytic converter is gone. He also told me there are 4 catalytic converters. I believe there is only one

How Do I Unclog Or Clean Catalytic Converter In 1997 Ford Taurus 5

Question: How Do I Unclog Or Clean Catalytic Converter In 1997 Ford Taurus, Puttering and won’t drive past 30-40 mph. Have replaced catalytic converter in another vehicle so pretty sure that’s the problem but need some advice on how to fix this one. Need a cheap quick fix. Best

1997 Honda Civic Car Overheating, Fans Not Running. 4

My car started overheating and started smoking pretty quickly. I checked it out and noticed that neither of the fans are running. what could cause this?

I Need To Replace A Lightbulb In My Front Headlight Of My Car. 1997 Honda Civic Lx Please Help Directions 2

maybe someone can write me detailed instructions, i have the part i just dont want to ask someone else to do it. I know im capable, and i follow instructions well. Thanks! 🙂

1997 Honda Civicchanging Headlightmetal Hinge Question 1

I switched the driver-side headlight bulb but can’t figure out how to rehinge the metal hinge before putting on the rubber ring. Help!

My Key Is Stuck In The Ignition Of 1997 Audi A4. What Can I Do 4

My key is stuck in the ignition of 1997 audi a4. what can I do?