Auto Security Alarm System Viper 550ESP In Bad State Car Inoperable

I bought this pre-owned 97 Honda Accord SE that came with Viper 550ESP alarm/auto-start system.

Lately, I’m noticing that the alarm system is behaving rather erratically and its getting progressively worse. Some of the problems I have seen have been: –
1) The system gets armed and then I can’t disarm. The alarm goes off, and I’m playing trial and error. Finally I get it to disarm, but I really don’t remember the sequence.
2) This weekend, I couldn’t get it to disarm. The horn doesn’t blow anymore but the headlight flashes and its still armed. Finally I got it to disarm to the extent that I could start the car.
For a while I was extatic, and gave the good news to my wife. But then I realized I can’t shift the gear out of Parking. Damn!!

Seems to me that the system is in bad state. I can remotely and manually close and lock the doors. But I cannot set off the alarm.

I’m towing the car to a dealer tommorow. Any idea how costly the fix might be? Any feedback will be appreciated

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