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I owe a 2005 honda civic that I bought used in july 2007. Since sept 2007 I have had problems with overheating and the heat not working. In the summer it over heats and in the winter I have no heat. I have had it back to honda about 7 times and they have done 3 thermostats 2 hoses and a head gasket and I’m getting now where. Ive tried honda corp and BBB with no luck, they just tell me to keep taking the car back. It’s becoming a pain and now that its winter and I have a 4 year old son the heat issue is a problem. When I take it back they either tell me there is nothing wrong or fix something (like a thermostat for the third time) and it doesn’t solve anything. Any advice on what my next step could be? I don’t know if it applies under lemon law or if I could take them to small claims court because they are fixing things that aren’t working and at this point its like they are guessing. Any advice would be great!!!
Thank you to all who are answering. I take my car to honda because I have the extended 100,000 warrenty. My fan blows out air its just the colder it is outside the colder my air is. When its slightly warm like 40 and above the heat work ok and when its like below 30 the heat is barley warm. It will be warm for a few minutes then cool then slightly warmer and then cool. Also when my heat is on low the air is hotter but when its on high is when the problem starts. The blower is fine its just the air not getting hot. Most of the repairs have been covered but no its getting to the point they don’t know and its becoming a problem. Thanks

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