Engine Never Reaches Operating Temp But Overheats At Lights On Hot Days

I have a 1998 Honda Civic. Since a week ago, my engine temperature gauge never reaches halfway like it used to. Now, it only points about 2/5 (or like 40%) up the way of the gauge (sorry, it doesn’t list degrees). However, if I sit at a light in the hot sun for like 5 minutes, it starts to point past halfway, like 60%. When I start driving again, it cools back down to about 2/5s again. It has never reached the red mark on the gauge, but since I live in FL, I’m afraid of what will happen when the weather starts reaching 100degrees out. It doesn’t heat up at all if I’m at a light or parked and the weather is nice or cloudy, only when I’m in direct sunlight.

I checked the coolant, it’s filled to the max mark and is clean and bright green. I put my car in park, looked under the hood, and the fan was on and blowing cool air. What could be the problem?
It has 128000 miles on it
I checked in the reservoir not the radiator
The check engine light has never lit up. It has only started to overheat two times, when I was stopped at a light in 90degree weather. I’ll try parking my car in the sun and if it overheats, i’ll check out the fan again …

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