Cooling Fans Not Coming On. Need Help

2004 Honda Civic Ex Coupe 1.7L Engine

Ok, so my car has been over heating. I already changed the thermostat. I’ve noticed my fans don’t come on at all or come on really really late. I’ve been trying to get them to turn on several times and I’ve only gotten them to turn once, when I let the car on for 40 mins and it was overheating. I’ve turned the car on with with the A/C on blast and they don’t come on. Even if the car is already really hot.
Some guys told me that if I disconnected the cable from the fan switch the fans should stay on when I turn on the car. I did that and they fans don’t come on. I was also told it would be a relay. I guess thats like a fuse things that send the signal.
How do I check my switch and my relay to determine which one it is?? And why don’t my fans come on when they should?

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