Car Overheats When Idling

Honda Civic 2003
In order to prepare for my drive from San Antonio, Tx to New York I had some maintenance done to my car. Ive had the car about three years and never had a problem with it.. NEVER. I requested a new water pump, timing belt and other belts replaced and thermostat. Couple weeks I began my drive to NY.

I noticed my car began to run warm. I needed gas so I pulled to get gas. When at idle it got much hotter. However when I pushed on the accelerator it began to cool down.

Made a stop in Okla (to visit family on the way to NY).. and had my dad take a look. We changed the thermostat, since it didnt look like it was changed. Then we drove the car and let it idle for approx 20 min to see if it would overheat… it didnt.

So I continued my drive to NY and noticed it running warm again when idling… but when driving it was fine.

I am now in NY and have noticed after a while of driving it will run warm at idle. Before this issue, the temp gauge was usually a bit under the half mark.

Any recommendations? I have about 111K on my car..
No leaks and fluid is fine… I do hear the fans come on but I will check them further. Yes its hot outside… but Ive moved from San Antonio, Tx to NY. It is A LOT cooler here! I have NEVER had a problem with this car within the 3 yrs Ive had it.

Thank you all very much for these recommendations 🙂

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