Why Is My Car Still Not Working

Okay, so, basically I had my car stolen on new years day, yeah a pretty pants start to the year, anyway, I bought another, a nice little 1.7 turbo diesel Astra, which is a massive upgrade from my 93 plate metro as I’m sure you will all agree.

It was a very quick decision to buy and we didn’t really have time to check it over, they told us it had been sat for around 5 months, so rather expectantly it was a bit of a bugger to get started, so we replaced the Alternator, the battery and all but one of the glow-plugs because the forth was really difficult to get to, anyway, it still has a lot of issues with starting, I have to heat the glow plugs up around ten times til it will turn over and even then it’s a wee bit… erm… chuggy… yeah clearly I’m no mechanic!

So is the problem with that last glow plug or could there be something else I’m missing, I’ve never owned a diesel before!

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