Tired Of Dodge 3.9 Magnum Ignition And Need Ideas.

I have a 96 Dakota with a rebuilt 3.9 v6 that never runs rite. I took it to many shops and never figured the problem, but all say the timing is off. I was also told that the timing cant be changed. after a while I decided to start throwing parts at it. so far I put in a new timing chain, ignition system, new injectors, all new sensors (pickup call, TPS, IAC control valve, map, Ect..). And it still miss fires from idle to 5500. I like the truck but I am thinking about making carburating. I have done it with fords but never a mopar. anyone see any problem or ideas? I will be getting most parts from a well stocked junk yard. but will buy aftermarket if need to. thank you in advanced

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