Okay Follow Up Question Regarding Thermostat Install On 1995 Z28 LT1 A4 Stock

Okay i just read the chiltons 1993-2002 Camaro & Firebird Repair Manual and it says that the thermostat opening temperature is (185-205 degrees F) and i just bought a (duralast 192 opening temp thermostat from autozone) as well as a new (18psi radiator cap) see when i bought the car (the dude told me the previous owner liked to hear the fans running) yeah see these fans im guessing the engine fans can be heard running at the speed of the engine i was stupid and bought his story but c’mon your not supposed to be hearing fans just the badass engine reving so i also had the (heater hoses) i had em replaced since which was about 3-5 months ago but recently i took the car for a drive around town i didn’t have any problems i was out for about 30-minutes to an hour i came back home parked in the driveway left the car running got out for a sec came back to the car and the temp gauge was rising dangerously so i turned the car off and that same damm mysterious bubbling/boiling sound was back so i popped the hood and this time i checked under the car and antifreeze was pouring out dramatically i couldn’t see where exactly (it was already blue in the sky and i didn’t have a flashlight) i collected some of the pouring fluid it was antifreeze obiviously somewhere between the coolant resevoir and the whatcha call it where you fill in the anifreeze/coolant container see after my heater hoses bursted that day the car was parked for months while i saved up for the expected repairs (and i was hoping i didn’t blow a gasket and just the heater hoses where the source of the leak i still can’t tell if i blew a gasket im hoping not) so im gonna remove my (probably current stuck/broken thermostat) and install the (192 ot thermostat) and (radiator cap) and hope it stops those (mysterious hearable fans that run at the engine speed see they dont start at a certain time either they are on at ignition what could they be and why?) and hoping that new (radiator cap) will be the answer to the leaking antifreeze (and forget it ive already spent 3grand in other repairs i discovered with this car so i cannot abandon it i hope the piece of **** dude who sold it to me where ever he is is suffering and for the rest of his life i originally i was hoping for a 98-02 LS1 equipped Z28 or SS but this is all i could find at the time my goal after the repairs are done are to get it to lay down atleast 315rwhp (rwhp that rear wheel horsepower for those of you who dont understand the rwhp abbreviation) the more im equal to or better than an LS1 the better i still have the hard accel slipping tranny to deal with so never buy a car without a carfax report) so as far as those fans that can be heard at engine speed that don’t go away could it be thermostat related? i hope so and as far as the bubbling/boiling sound that can be heard after car is turned off and leaking antifreeze im hoping my new (radiator cap) will solve that and that there is no blown gasket i dont got white puffy smoke or milky oil so im hoping for the best sorry for carrying on but i gotta give as much info for people with answers and the ignorant ********* who will respond to this question negatively just to be ***** any ways anyone who can answer some of these questions for me i would grealy appreciate it oh i almost forgot will the (192 temp thermostat) that install be fine with the car? peace out hope for some answers! ! ! ! !


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