How Much Should I Pay A Mechanic To Fix Our Truck Per Hour

I wrote a week or so ago and asked about a 1973 Chevy 4WD that had a problem. My husband is working 7 days a week, he has too many houses to remodel- he’s not a mechanic or good at diagnosis. I want to pay someone, we need the truck. I know of 3 people (one is a mechanical genious and unemployed-Tahoe job market…) anyway; It’s cold out- 28 degrees to 45 and I do not have a garage to work in. Between this site and myself and friends, we came to the conclusion the Chevy may have jumped time or the dist. is bad. I was thinking $25.00 per hour, we pay for the parts.
Is that enough or not too much? I want it done right. Hypothetically speaking, also, should or if I pay up to $30.00 an hour and buy parts, is it still cheaper than a dealer or a licensed shop?
ALSO! approx. how long SHOULD it take for timimg belt replacement or distributor replacement, in hours or days?
It’s a CHEVY 350- rebuilt, lift kit, new rims and tires and new tranny.
tell u exactly trucks history is:
1) glass company owned(ie: lift kit)
2) Sold to employee my husband knew 4- 15 yrs
3)he replaced tranny ($2700.00)& rebuilt motor-no specifics, I think it was rebuilt 2 or 3 yrs before we got it.
tranny replaced 6 mo. before we got it.
4)truck’s big & UGLY every man we know, LOVES it. Jan. 07 we will have had it 3 yrs.
was stolen, hit a cop car-frontend had perfect telephone pole mark ,cause of it’s mech. soundness,decided 2 fix (frame was fine) drove it for 14 mo. w/regular oil changes &1 complete tune-up.Put approx 5000 miles on it- 1 day he said it was starting to run sh***y. It progressively ran worse (over 2-3 months) sounds like a heli-coil let loose & a plug came out, but not as loud.did another full tune-up, still ran bad.before this problem it sounded and ran GREAT and strong-he climbed STEEP rocks in it,so steep-never went 4wheeling again,everyone would say”wow it sounds great” . It’s Just a rochester.4 barrel & 350 basic.
had to shorten the text on last edit. I wanted to say it ran awesome and sounded awesome- I use to warm it up for him sometimes or just got in it if it was running and REV the engine, just to hear how good it sounded ( I am a woman, but I do appreciate a nice smooth, strong chevy 350) it also climbed STEEP rocks like nothing, with ease- That’s why I bought nice rims and tires for it- it’s the whole running progressively worse thing…we are stumped!

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