Chevy Ignition Problem

I have a problem with my ignition system on my 350 chevy engine. I just put a brand new engine in to the car and now Im not getting any spark whatsoever. I have a Mallory dual point distributor, and a mallory promaster coil. I have the wiring as follows. A “hot” wire from the ignition switch passing through a ballast resistor to the positive post on the coil. I have a line running from the negative post on the coil to the “single” post on the distributor where the condenser hooks up. I’ve used a line tester to check if there is power to the positive of the coil and when I turn the key to the on position the bulb on the line tester lights up so I know I have power to the coil. However when I turn the engine over I get no spark to the the plugs. I then removed the distributor cap and turned the engine over to see if the points were firing and I get nothing. Here’s what I’ve done since the problem started. Purchased and installed a new ballast resistor, new coil, new condenser, new points, new cap & rotor. Gapped the points at .019″. The distributor and plug wires are in good shape but been sitting in my garage for twelve years. The wires are Taylor Spiro-pros. I can replace those as well because I would love to get rid of the points but I have a feeling I’m missing a wire connection somewhere. The car if your wondering is 1965 chevrolet impala and the engine is a 76 350 chevy. What could be the problem? I’m beginning to go crazy. What’s the basic routing of the ignition wiring? If I replace the distributor, what model do yu recommend? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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