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I have a Holley Carb. 670cfm street avenger, it has been running poorly and feels sluggish and has days that it will die at every stop. What could be something that’s causing this?

REPLY! MUST READ! I had to make this in question form so yahoo would post this, but it is actually an announcement about the Holley street avenger. If your SA is running poorly at times or has the symptoms above, it may be contaminated. The carbs with the date codes 3345-3655 and and 0016-1986 have coatings on the inside of the float bowls that flake off.
the date codes work like this, for example, the “3345” means the 334th day of 2005 (first three are days, last is year). The date codes can be found on the outer casing, usually somewhere around the the top of the barrels, and it is the lower 4-digit number. If your date code falls between those mentioned, check your bowls, and if they are full of flakes, call Holley and they will replace it for free.

This has just happened to me and a friend of mine, and being a popular Carb., i thought I should spread the news for the vintage fans.

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