Spark Plug Non Foulers

OK, ill try to explain this quick. My spark plug gap kept closing and i figured out the piston was hitting it closed. There is a sleeve in the cylinder head because someone stripped the plug hole threads, drilled them out, and put a sleeve in the head. Since there is a sleeve, the spark plug was positioned a tad lower, and that was causing it to get hit by the piston. So, I bought a spark plug non fouler to raise the plug up higher. It worked, and the plug was no longer being hit. One day, it stopped firing. I opened the hood to find the inside of the plug attached to the plug wire separated from the threads of the plug. Basically the spark plug had blown itself into 2 parts. I’m wondering if this could be prevented by drilling out the tip of the spark plug non fouler. What could have caused this “explosion”? Would it be better to drill out the tip of that spark plug non fouler? Suggestions?

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