How To Winterize A 40 Hp Mercury Outboard.

I have a older 40 hp Mercury outboard. I picked up the boat and motor during late summer. But I haven’t had a chance to put it in the water yet. I had it started and ran for a short bit when I bought it to make sure it ran. Well winter came up real quick and it’s gonna be real cold here tonight.
How to I winterize the engine ass far as a basic winterizing. I know I have to drain the lower end oil and replace that. But I am unsure about any water that maybe in the motor.
The guy I got it from just said I had to change the lower gear oil, but online I see something about flushing the cooling system and fogging the engine.
My mother whom use to know some stuff about boats said there is a drain plug for the water. Is this true? What do I have to do aside from the oil?

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