HELP 1991 Honda Accord SE Advice/not Started For Two Years

I recently was given a 1991 Honda Accord SE. The problem is it has sat for two years. I work on American muscle cars mostly, so the Japanese engine is a new foray for me. This is a list of things I will do:

-New hoses
-Drain/replace Oil/Tranny/cooling fluids
-New belts (including timing, does the Accord have arrows for TDC?)
-New Spark plugs (will add oil to each slot prior to turning the engine over)
-Oil valves/rockers prior to turning over
-New gaskets (should I replace the head gasket? It appears to be an I-4, but at 90 degrees to north/south. it’s super small so I don’t think I’ll have a problem accessing rear valves)
-Apparently the gas tank has a drain, so should I just drain out the old gas and add 10 oz or so of dry gas before refueling or should I just replace the whole fuel tank? (I haven’t sniffed the tank yet so I don’t know if the gas in there has varnished yet. What would you guys recommend?)
-Battery, hopefully the starter isnt frozen, I’ll try hammering it, if not replace.
-Anything else I miss?

My aunt took really, really good car of this car. Had a major service about 6 months before she stopped driving it. Brand new tires with less than 50 miles. Has about 100K miles, so I want to really make sure I get everything taken care of on the engine before turning it over. Apparently this engine can go for another 300K miles easily if taken care of. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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