2007 Honda Crv Dashboard Warning Lights

Hi –
Our Honda has 37,000 miles on it. Two days ago, we dropped it off at a mechanic shop (not the dealer) to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. During the inspection, they noticed (and we saw too) that the front tires needed to get replaced.
We picked the car up and drove 60 miles total in the following day. All of the sudden, warning lights came on the dashboard – the ‘check engine’, the “VSA” (vehicle stability), and a little triangle with an exclamation point inside (another VSA warning).
We drove another few miles and the car started bucking when hubby would accelerate. We stopped driving it and had it towed back to the mechanic. (We checked the fluids and everything is fine.)
The mechanic just called and said that they hooked up the computer and got the code P2647 (rocker arm actuator stuck on). I googled, and found it is a vtec oil pressure switch, I think. He said they don’t do interior engine work or electrical stuff and that it is not his problem (they didn’t cause the lights), and I should take the car to the dealer.
My question is this: could it be something the mechanic did to screw all this up? Also, does anyone have any suggestions to avoid getting screwed at this point?

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