Which Price Is Right For A Catalytic Converter

Question: Which Price Is Right For A Catalytic Converter,
i was looking online for a price and one store said that a catalytic converter for my Ford Taurus with a universal fit was 134 and one with a direct fit is 444 dollars! Is this something that only my mechanic will be able to answer?

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It’s going to cost a little because catalytic converters have platinum in them – that drives up the cost. You should look at options like how old is your Taurus, how many miles, and is it still under warranty? Some warranties like Ford’s ESP will cover catalytic converters if the car is under a certain age/mileage. The other option to save some bucks is contact some junk yards and see if you can find a scrapped Taurus that doesn’t have too many miles on it and buy from them. That would be about the least expensive place you could find one. You can get a start on the basic price for a new one from the parts department in a Ford dealership and compare from there. As far as fit, you take more chances for something going wrong with a “universal” fit as opposed to something that’s fitted to your make and model car. Good Luck.

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