What Is The Catalytic Converter

Question: What Is The Catalytic Converter,
Ok the problems I have been having are the lights on an open door comes on, a light of the engine pic is on, and every time I’m driving my car and need to stop when I step on the brakes my car shakes a lot. I done the tune up no so long ago, rotated the tires. Also noticed gas doesn’t last as much as before. My son took my car back to the mechanic and it was told I need to check or replace the “converter” I assume is the catalytic converter what should I do.

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Get your car’s owner’s manual out of the glove compartment to verify that your yellow “check engine light” is being illuminated on your dash. If so, you need to have the computer error codes read out at a shop and they will probably find at least one that says something about your “oxygen sensor”. That doesn’t mean the oxygen sensor is bad necessarily. It probably means that your engine is running too rich (too much gas) and causing your catalytic converter some “gas pains” because it has to try and burn up the unburned gas fumes in the exhaust. So if you’ve driven that way for a long time, you may have a damaged catalytic converter, but you need to fix the engine problem that’s turning the check engine light on first.


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