What Does It Cost To Fix A Catalytic Converter

Question: What Does It Cost To Fix A Catalytic Converter,
I have a 2001 Volkswagen Passat and took it into the dealership to get it looked at. Among other things they said that I needed to get my Catalytic converter fixed because it was clogged. They also needed to fix the O2 sensors or something? They said that it would costs $2200 to fix. I’m not good with cars but this seems really steep? Should I take it somewhere else or just pay it?

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That’s much higher than I paid to have the catalytic converter replaced on my Toyota a few years ago, before platinum prices went up. It might depend on exactly how much other work is being done.

Anytime I see a price that high, I start thinking about getting a second estimate. You might also see if there is a third party converter that would cost less than the VW one but still meet EPA requirements.

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