Vw Passat Catalytic Converter

Question: Vw Passat Catalytic Converter,
so i drive a passat 02 v6, n the check engine light came up, so i took it 2 auto zone to see the code of the light, i got the code p0431 or p0432 cant remember well, but the guy said the the catalytic converter was going bad…. what should i do ??? im broken since the last time i paid 1500 BUCKS just 2 get fixed a water leak on the sunroof drains, should i replace the catalytic converter or its ok if i drive the cAR like that???
i want to take it to the dealer but they charge 140 dollARS just to tell you whats wrong with the car….

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there are muffler shops that can do welds and clamps, the idea is when a cat goes bad the material inside falls apart and plugs the pipes and often they smell and get red hot, not safe, i removed all the material from my faulty converter and replaced it 3 days later passed my emissions no problem.

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