URGENT Science Help What Is A Catalytic Converter

Question: URGENT Science Help What Is A Catalytic Converter,
I really need some light in my chemistry work, I need to know what a catalytic converter is, and what if does. I researched it but I don’t seem to understand it.

I’d just like a few easy to understand points explaining what a catalytic converter and what it does.
All answers are appreciated.

Thank you.

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For chemistry work.
Research and understand what a catalyst is.
Look up “cracking” gases.
Understand that the catalytic converter on a car is just one application of catalysts

Basically, the catalyst gets heated up and when you pass gases through this catalyst, it speeds up the process of changing the gases to other gases.

In automobiles it changes the harmful gases in exhaust into harmless other gases.

Another use for a catalyst is in heat treating steel. If you pass natural gas through a special catalyst that is heated to 1600 degrees, the natural gas is separate into hydrogen gas, water/steam, and certain other gases. The hydrogen is used as a protective atmosphere in heating treating steel, it cuts down on scale formation.

So in conclusion, for chemistry, research more about all catalysts and their uses, they are not confined to autos.

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