Toyota Catalytic Converter Warranty

Question: Toyota Catalytic Converter Warranty,

How can I find out how long the warranty is for the catalytic converter on my 2000 Toyota (Camry) Solara?
It failed the state emissions check. I was told by them 2 years ago to get a new one. It failed the second test recently. I trust my mechanic. Just wondering if Toyota will still cough up a new cc. It’s a 2000 but only has 65K miles.

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The federal emissions warranty on catalytic converters is 8 years from date of original purchase or 80K miles. You are over the 8 year limit but if you are in California the warranty is longer… I doubt it is 12 years though.

Don’t trust your mechanic on this one – unless something was grievously wrong with your engine (you drove on the freeway with the check engine light flashing for a few minutes or on solid for a few months) he is wrong on this one. As another valued answerer puts it so well, catalytic converters don’t die, they are murdered.

I have never personally seen a bad catalytic converter with less than 18 years on it. Easily 95% of converters condemned even by professional mechanics are good, but when they put a brand new converter on it works enough better to make the P0420 or P0430 code go away for a few months, sometimes a few years. Then it comes back or the original problem is found and fixed, or just straightens itself out.

P0420/P0430 are “Catalyst efficiency below threshold.” That almost always means the converter is being fed indigestible exhaust, with top suspects being a bad fuel injector, an intake leak in one branch of the intake manifold, or an exhaust leak ahead of the converter. A sluggish O2 sensor will cause the same problem, and at 12 years old your upstream O2 sensors may be over the hill even with only 65K miles on them.

If the problem is not P0420/P0430 we can tell you a lot if you can post the emission results, especially if you have the 5-gas results (includes O2 and CO2). You can probably figure it out yourself from the second source.

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