They Say That My Cars Catalytic Converter Is Bad But Is It

Question: They Say That My Cars Catalytic Converter Is Bad But Is It,
All year my moms car soon to be mine has had a large rattling/bumping noise in the back of the car it wasn’t so bad to began with but now you can hear it just driving down the street. They say that it is the catalytic converter and that I need a new one dose this sound right if it is whats a good price to pay and if it isn’t whats wrong?

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From the symptoms you describe, it certainly sounds like it’s a possibility. The sound that you describe could be the Catalyst media disintegrating. If you have O2 sensors both before and after the Catalytic Converter, it would probably throw a code, but if you only have one upstream, it wouldn’t. It wouldn’t produce any excess back-pressure. That’s only if it’s clogged up, which is a different problem.

If you want to be sure that’s what it is, get the car lifted up, and listen to see if it sounds like the noise is coming from inside the Catalytic Converter, and if you can hear a similar noise out of the tailpipe. While you’re down there, you could check for loose or broken hangers, a rotted out muffler or tailpipe, and other things like that that it could conceivably be.

People who can’t see it or listen to it aren’t going to be able to tell you for sure, just what to look for. And some people here just plain don’t know what they’re talking about.

As far as price to fix it, that’s difficult to say without even knowing what kind of car it is, whether it’s a welded system or not, or what the labor rates are like in your area.

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