Subaru 2001 Catalytic Converter

Question: Subaru 2001 Catalytic Converter,
I have recently got a CEL on. I went to a local mechanic, he did the diagnostics and replied that my catalytic converter costs $2XXX + labor. Its a 2001 subaru vdc h6 engine. I did some research and came across answers that said that it could some other problem other than the catalytic converters. Do you see it worth to replace it on this machine (140K miles)
Anish I did not get you answer. Are you saying to get it fixed or fix it myself
I only get the Check Engine Light on. I took it to a mechanic and he said that the cats need to be replaced after checking. Did not mention anything about 02 sensors
I had replaced the head gaskets some time back when they were leaking oil. I had some issues with cv boots and breaks, They were all fixed.

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What cels are you getting? I would think the 02 sensors would go bad before the catalytic converters.

You need to find out what fault codes you are getting.

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