Should I Replace My Catalytic Converter

Question: Should I Replace My Catalytic Converter,
i have a 2003 chevy impala. the cat has been replaced once before the check engine light came on and the code was for the catalytic. it makes a rattling noise and i can hear it when i open my window. some days it works better than others but i have also noticed a loss in power. is the catalytic converter 100% of the problem

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You forgot to give us the code or engine so we could make you aware of all the possibilities which could be causing it. Direct fit catalytic converters are very expensive. It would be a cold day in heck before I would buy one *unless a Chevrolet dealership read the codes and said it needed to be replaced.

There are a basket full of little things that should be tested before you jump off the deep end and buy another converter. Auto Zone and Advance Auto are not the place for code reading or tests.

Walker makes the most reliable direct fit catalytic converters., and had direct fit catalytic converters for uour car.

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