My ’01 Mazda Protege Needs A Catalytic Converter. Yikes

Question: My ’01 Mazda Protege Needs A Catalytic Converter. Yikes,
So that’s why the check-engine light was on. My mechanic told me an aftermarket cat would be “a couple hundred less than factory” but sometimes certain cars are too particular for an aftermarket converter and only a factory part will do.

I don’t have an estimate yet, but I know it’s gonna be pricey. On this particular car is it okay to install an aftermarket catalytic converter or should I spring for the genuine Mazda cat?

Do I really need that new catalytic converter anyway? The car seems to be running fine and the mpg hasn’t changed.

On this particular car,
The car has 150,000 miles, mostly freeway miles. Both CO2 filters were replaced a couple years ago.

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If the after market converter has a CAF number it will work. Other wise it may be chancy.
Two things to think about on this. Could one or both O2 sensors be giving readings that making the ECM think they are alright when it is the O2 sensors that are failing (and not the converter)?
The other thing is that what the mechanic is taking off can be sold maybe for 100 dollars (maybe more) to those that reclaim the metal in them. What will he pay you for the one that he is taking off or will he let you have it to sell yourself?
Knowing this may get you a better price for the repair. If he knows that you know the value of the part that is being taken off, there is less chance of being cheated.

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