Is It Possible For Catalytic Converter To Go Out

Question: Is It Possible For Catalytic Converter To Go Out,
I have had the catalytic converter change out twice within 10 month period. The check engine light come on again about two weeks ago. I took it to the mechanic and he mentioned that it was catalytic converter. Is it possible for them to go out that quick. Can somebody help?

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if you are not using factory catalysts , then they will prematurly wear out , but a major factor in taking out the catalyst prematurly is a rich running condition , and misfires , if a car is misfiring it allows raw fuel to go directly into the hot catalyst and melts the reducing beds inside the catalyst , also if this is a 96 or newer car , then have a technician do a duel scope on the upstream and downstream o2’s , a lazy upstream o2 will trigger a false catalyst code , but this is not commen . also if you have any exhaust leaks before the catalytic converter , make sure these are taken care of , unmetered air entering the exhaust system will create lean condition in the catalyst thus raising the internal tempetures and melting the catalyst internally ,

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