I Don’t Need A Catalytic Converter

Question: I Don’t Need A Catalytic Converter,
My mechanic said that my catalytic converter is clogged up and I need a new one but my uncle said that he could take it off and my car really didnt need one. Is this true can my car really run without a catalytic converter…..i live in TN so there is no yearly check on my car, can I really get away with this?

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If you don’t have emissions where you live then YES, you can get away with it.
But cars don’t have 1 cat, they have 4,6, 8 or more!

They usually consist of Pre-cats, which are smaller and usually
right near the exhaust manifolds.
Typically you can delete those and still pass emissions.

But the regular cats are much larger, and you won’t ever pass emissions if you delete them….so IF you move in the near future, you will have to re install one.

And they are expensive, they range from $80-$400 EACH.

The fact is, you don’t need em.
Often they clog up and cause catastrophic engine damage.
And if they don’t……most states DO require emissions, so ya gotta get it fixed either way!
Either way dealers make money on this shit!

All because of stricter emission laws.

Most trucks and SUVs today can literally gain 10hp up to 30hp JUST from removing catalytic converter systems…. THATS how much power they rob in some cases!

You also have the option of high flow cats, which flow better, and still clear emissions in most cases. But they cost a lot more money….

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