How Much Should A Catalytic Converter Cost To Replace

Question: How Much Should A Catalytic Converter Cost To Replace,
I recently failed my smog check for my 1998 Honda civic so I took it into a shop to get it looked at. They said the catalytic converter needed to be replaced. When I asked how much it would be they said the price like twenty one fourty seven. Thinking that they meant $21.47 rather than$2,147 I told them to go ahead and replace it. I know it was dumb to think that it would be so cheap but I thought they were just saying that’s how much the part was not including the labor or something. I’m 20 years old and know next to nothing about cars. Anyway today when they called me to tell me it was ready he said it like 21.47 again but right when I was hanging up he goes so 2 thousand one hundred forty seven dollars. So I’m wondering how much should it cost to replace a catalic converter including labor and everything? I don’t have $2100 to spend on a car that’s not even worth that much and would never have agreed for them to do the work if they hadn’t been misleading about the price.
So update. I called the dealership and a few other places and they all said it should only be $1000 tops so I called the shop that did my car and told them that and asked them to email me the invoice of the bill. They did and then called me about 15 minutes later saying they put the wrong part on the bill and the converter is only $700 so the bill came out to $1100. Scumbags were trying to charge me $1000 more if I hadn’t complained to them.

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What state are you in? If it’s California, that could explain it. California emissions equipped vehicles use different converters than 49 state models, than can be MUCH more expensive. Also, if the car was built with California emissions the same rules would apply. I’ll give you an example. The converter for an Astro I had was $89. A guy I worked with had the same van, but a California model. He needed a converter, it was $1500. The whole and only converter assembly on the car I have now is $240. If it was a California model there would be three converters that would cost around $2300 to replace. These are raw parts prices, not shop prices with labor. So the price they gave you may not be off the mark. At this point I’m not sure what you should do. You should have listened closer to what he said, there’s no way you’re taking a car to a shop and paying $21 for anything.

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