How Do You Gut A Catalytic Converter

Question: How Do You Gut A Catalytic Converter,
How do you gut a catalytic converter and is this legal? Or would you have to either get or new converter or can you put these parts back into it for inspection?

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There are quite a few things you can do. To keep it legal, you can buy a high flow catalytic converter. It is less restrictive and you can pass inspection with it. On the other hand you can get a Cat Delete Pipe which is a straight through pipe which you can replace your Cat and when inspection time comes around you can put the stock cat back on. Remember that if you are caught without a catalytic converter it is an EPA issue and can carry heavy fines so I recommend the High Flow Cat. I have one on my car and it works great. You will only gain 3-6 more hp with the cat delete so might as well stay legal.

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