How Do You Change A Catalytic Converter

Question: How Do You Change A Catalytic Converter,
I have a 2003 Mazda Protege5 2.0 with a bad converter. I was it has two converters and the failing one is the manifold converter. It exceeds the federal emissions warranty because of the mileage 110,000. Dealership said it will cost about $1200. Any suggestions?

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You can buy an aftermarket Catalytic Converter from various autopart stores for a lot cheaper than the the dealership is quoting you. You can then take the Cat to any local exhaust shop and for a reasonable price they will install it for you.

Or you can go to the exhaust shop directly but they will then mark up the price on the converter.

Either way, any option is cheaper than having it done at the dealership.

I did mine myself and it cost about $275

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