Does The Replacement Of The Damaged Old Catalytic With A Commercial One Affect The Car , In What Way

I have a BMW 540i 1998 i am thinking of using MAGNAFLOW 99000 SERIES CATALYTIC CONVERTER — OBDII, EPA compliant, 3-way catalyst style; 2 in. inlet and outlet; Single center inlet and outlet configuration; 12 in. body length, 6.5 in. wide, 16 in. overall length; 6,375 lb. GVW; Includes stainless steel heat shield; Heavy metal loaded catalyst; Oval stainless steel casing.Please advise
I am thinking to use Magnaflow series 99000 which is claimed to be compatible with 540i .Copmared to others it is cheap around 90$ ea. some welding work is requird but remains cheaper than the complete set which is around 250+$

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