Do I Need To Replace My Catalytic Converter

Question: Do I Need To Replace My Catalytic Converter,
I have a bad O2 sensor and as I was trying to remove the sensor that I thought was the correct one, later found out I was wrong, it stripped as I unscrewed it, both the catalytic converter and O2 sensor are now stripped, do I now need to replace my catalytic converter? would I be able to re-thread it? my guess is I could try bout it wouldn’t help. I know I have to replace the O2 sensor, it is too stripped to screw back into place.

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You can buy a helicoil insert.(these are oversized replacement threads) Get the insert w/ matching tap. U can get these at an auto parts store. Use the tap to cut new threads into the catalytic converter. clean the threads w/ brake cleaner as well as the new helicoil insert. Apply “red loctite” thread locker to the new cut threads in the catalytic converter. Now install new helicoil insert. Let it sit for a couple hours for the locktite to cure. Now install a new O2 sensor. Apply a little anti-seize lubricant to the threads of the new O2 sensor before you install it. This will stop the O2 sensor from seizing in the future if you have to remove it again.

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