Catalytic Converter Or No

Question: Catalytic Converter Or No,
What actually happens when you remove the catalytic converter from a car and replace it with a straight pipe?

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Your computer gets confused. The catalytic converter is there to reduce emissions and is mated with your vehicle computer to maximize your vehicles capabilities. Removing it also means reprogramming the computer wisest choice, or adding devices to make your computer think that the catalytic converter is there defeating the purpose of why you took the catalytic off in the first place. Keep in mind that doing this is also illegal for road use, since not having a catalytic converter increases your chances of your vehicle catching on fire. The catalytic converter also helps trap unburned gasoline and burns it before it continues down the pipes. You will notice in race cars that from time to time there are flames out of the exhaust pipe that would be what you will see if you manage to reprogram the computer and remove your catalytic converter. This is not only irresponsible, but very dangerous if you have a leak in your exhaust but because unless you spend an extra couple of thousands making sure all your gas lines and the bottom of your vehicle can withstand temperatures as high as 1100C you can easily burn your car. By just removing it and doing nothing unless you have a carburetor in your car all it would do is make lots of noise and if is a small engine not do very well, might even just start on fire since all the unburned fuel would build up on the pipe and ignite melting the pipe and setting the bottom of your car on fire. If you have a large engine might get a little performance of about 10hp something you can easily archive with a cold intake filter and reamain street legal……….

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