Car Part Question Catalytic Converter..

Question: Car Part Question Catalytic Converter..,
I have a 1985 monte carlo, and there is a tube that comes off the converter and leads up into the engine bay to a vacuum. It rusted on me and broke. What is the name of this part…? So I know what to purchase. I went into an auto part store and they could not find it. It has a filter in the middle of it as well..

Any ideas would be great thanks 🙂
It’s fuel injected, and the EGR valve is on the throttle body.

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That is the air injection tube for the catalytic converter. The smog pump on the engine pushes air down that tube, into the cat, to help it burn off excess pollutants.

Since there is no longer emissions testing for pre-1996 vehicles…

You can take the converter, smog pump, that tube, and all the BS that connects to it, and toss it in the recycle bin. Plug off the stub end of the tube coming out of the cat and you’re done. This is illegal, but nobody’s watching. 😉

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