Car Catalytic Converter…. Need Help

Question: Car Catalytic Converter…. Need Help,
Hi, I just got a call from my boyfriend. I just wanted to get someone else opinion. He said that he took our Hyundai Tiburon GT 03′ with 89,000 miles to a auto shop, required for the admissions test he has to pass. They told him that it didn’t pass because of the catalytic converter. It was also going to cost him $800.00 to fix it? Is he getting ripped off? Where can he get it fixed for less? Also we live in Austin Texas… and we recently bought this car, used from a friend. please help, and please no rude comments. Thanks!!!

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He needs to get another opinion. Catalytic converters can clog up, and eventually wear out, but 89,000 miles sounds way too soon. It is one of the more expensive dealer installed parts in the emissions system, so that may be why this shop is claiming it is the problem. You can get aftermarket catalytic converters for WAY less that $800 from auto parts stores or on the Internet. I smell a rat here.

Remember it is ILLEGAL to throw away a catalytic converter. They are considered a hazardous material, and must be disposed of properly.

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