Cant Seem To Find A Part For A 1999 Mercury Cougar V6 2.5

Ok recently I bought another 1999 mercury cougar V6 2.5L auto. for 1000 its in really good shape for the price it had some scraches but I painted it nicely anyways I want to make this one faster then my daily driving cougar I put everything on it as my daily driving one has like a 2.5″cat back flowmaster short ram intake performance chip ok now on the new one I got I want to add a high stall torque converter that will give me serious power but I just can seem to find one can someone point me to where I can find one it would be greatly appreciated also I was looking into some legal magnaflow high flow catalytic converter for it will that really increase my horse power a lot or just a bit also where can I get a turbo or supercharger for a good price oh and a good sneaky pete thanks a bunch for the help
this car new car is a hobbie for me and my dad to pass the time and what not so mpg $ its not that big because we’ve restored other cars on our own in the past so we both enjoy fixing up cars when possible and we never had problems with the cougar none what’s so ever its a vary reliable car I don’t understand why some people dis it so much. People will be heaters I guess

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