Can I Drive 400 Miles With A Bad Catalytic Converter

Question: Can I Drive 400 Miles With A Bad Catalytic Converter,
I have a 2000 Honda CRV-EX with four wheel drive. yesterday, my check engine light came on while I was on my way back from a trip. I drove another 100 miles before I got home. today Igot th oil changed and then went to autozone because the check engine light was still on. they said that the light was on because my catalytic converter was going bad. they said it would be really dangerous to drive any long distances, but my dad who has a good amount of experience on cars says that it should be fine and don’t worry about it. He suggests that I drive to san diego and fix it there. I am in tucson. Will this car make it, or will the catalytic converter strand me in the middle of nowhere?

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Diagnosing a bad catalytic converter is only half the fix. They don’t fail for no good reason. Replacing it will only temporarily restore things to normal because unless the underlying problem that caused the original converter to fail is identified and fixed, the replacement converter will likely suffer the same fate.

A poor running engine is a very likely culprit. If unburned gas is being dumped into the exhaust, it will burn in the cat and destroy it.

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