Bad O2 Sensor Or Clogged Catalytic Converter

Question: Bad O2 Sensor Or Clogged Catalytic Converter,
So my 97 eagle talon n/t is throwing an aoxygen sensor code (the guy at autozone said its the one before the catalytic converter). Well I’ve heard that a clogged cat can also cause the same code to pop up. The engine does seem to have a slight hessitate/miss to it when I’m at wide open throttle at high rpms. But at normal accelertaion I don’t seem to notice anything much. Idle also seems to be normal. I was going to replace the o2 sensor first cause its cheaper but also just wanted to double check. Thanks.

PS. I just had a new headgasket put in and valve stem seals replaced if that matters at all)
Oh. And also I had the mechanic clear the check engine code for me and it stayed away long enough and I did pass e check

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A faulty O2 sensor would cause the system to go into open loop or a little rich air/fuel mixture. On a wide open throttle it would flood the engine a little until the engine recuperates causing the engine to bog down or hesitate momentarily.
A faulty catalytic converter, the engine would feel as if it’s lost power on acceleration (any type) and the fuel mileage would suffer.

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