A New Catalytic Converter

Question: A New Catalytic Converter,
I have a 2003 Ford Focus ZTW Wagon 4-Door with 260,000 miles and the mechanics says the catalytic converter is bad. I want to buy one online for cheap but don’t know what type to buy for my car. I also aware that this car model has two and I was told that the one nearer to the front is the bad one. Please help!
It failed inspection and that’s the reason why. I like in NJ so it’s has to be fixed. The car runs perfectly fine but it won’t be passed unless I get it fixed.
Okay here is the question: there are different types of cats all over the internet. I didn’t say I want a used one I want a CHEAP one. With the specs of my car can you please give me a direct link to the exact cat type I need.
Vehicle Type:Passenger Car
Trim:SE; SE Comfort; ZTW
Engine:L4, 2.3L; DOHC
My car type

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Go to Eastern Catalytic or walker exhaust. Put in your exact car specs and find the part number. Then shop for it.

There are four different engines for that vehicle. You didn’t even give us the basic info, so don’t ask us to do that work for you.

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