2000 Accord V6 Catalytic Converter Or Spark Plugs Wires

Question: 2000 Accord V6 Catalytic Converter Or Spark Plugs Wires,
I drive a 2000 Accord V6 with about 108k miles and recently my “check engine” light turned on. I took my car to Honda and they told me I needed a new catalytic converter, but when I took my car to autozone they told me that it was definitely NOT the converter but it was the spark plug wires. The autozone printout reads “Catalyst effeciency low-bank 1” and that it’s either due to “Catalytic converter defective, engine misfire, large vacuum leak, or Engine oil leakage into exhaust-valve guide seals, piston rings”. Does anyone have any information on this subject? I just want to know exactly what’s defective so I don’t have to spend money fixing the wrong thing.

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A lot of these situations are trial and error.

The very first thing I would try is to disconnect the battery fully, wait a few minutes and reconnect. This will reset the check engine light, and it is possible that it does not come back on.

If it does come back on, then something is certainly causing it. This is where the trial and error comes in. Start with the least expensive item first. Plug wires and plugs. You might need new wires and plugs anyway, even if this is not the current problem. If this does not work, go back to autozone and have them give you a new printout. The code may have changed since you changed the wires and plugs…it is possible.

If it still says Catalytic converter or vacuum leak….well, at this point, I would find an autoshop that specializes in Honda. They will be able to diagnose the problem fairly quickly and most likely cost less than the dealer.

Try do it yourself first – if you can – then take it to a specialist…I would hate to see you pay the dealer for a new catalytic converter and it turns out yours was fine. That happened to me once.

You might also change out your O2 sensor, if it needs it.

Good luck.

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